Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Phillies Serve Reds Pancakes, 11-4

The author was optimistic during the first inning when the Reds got the first three men on base, with hits no less, but that excitement faded quickly into a lone run. That run was quickly matched by the Phills as Bailey couldn't make it out of the second. Tough break kid, you'll get 'em next time. Dunn did later hit a bomb as did Hambone who has remained consistent on his pledge only to hit the ball well when no one is on base. Still looking pretty likely we'll see 20 bombs this season from our favorite recovering crackhead. The author decided to repost the picture of the Phanatic shooting a hotdog out of his crotch, as that is how they celebrate victories up in Philly. The author is confident they won't be seeing any more of the extendo-dog this trip. Harang leapfrogs B-Liz for the start tomorrow. He's got fancy plans and pants to match.

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