Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Reds Smite God's Agents, 5-3

The Reds did a very nice impression of a good baseball team tonight. Decent starting pitching [though Arroyo did give back another lead, he also didn't give up more runs than innings pitched this time out--maybe they need more promotion nights featuring either him or his weave], enough hitting, and even some nice bullpen work. So how about that. What's the big deal about these Angels anyway? Escobar and his fancy glasses can strike out as many people as he wants if he's still going to lose the game. The author saw that only four of the outs he recorded were put into play but when the Reds did bother to get the bat off their shoulder, they found some open area to rest the ball. Coutlangus now has more wins on the season than Arroyo, and he's twice as pretty. You've got this publication's vote for Rookie of the Year Cooter, which is a very high honor. This victory helps ease the pain of losing Uncle Milty for the season. The author plans to give him his just respect at a later date. Please note the very sad angel to the right. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, that angel to the right sits on a grave of someone who apparently died at 41. What was the guys name and can we get him to do some middle relief for us?