Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Reds Offense Not Good, Angels 6-3

Even with the win last night, the offense has been cool this series. The Angels do have pretty solid starting pitching and we got a taste of their late inning relief tonight, which is also, well, quite a bit better than Cincinnati's at least. Still, the team was up for about 5 minutes, despite getting very few hits, but Lohse prefers to pitch after extended losing streaks. Coming off consecutive wins just isn't his cup o' tea. Once you get yourself into a situation where Big Frucking Nasty can come in and work his patented ineffectiveness, the night's not likely to go your direction. That was some play in center by Hamilton to save McBeth. He runs quite fast. Hopefully the pen got its weekly runs out of its system tonight, so that they'll be working at peak performance tomorrow to take this series and send these guys away disappointed.

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