Monday, June 18, 2007

Reds Stink up the Joint, A's Win 6-1

Not a great start to the west coast swing. Joe Blanton dominated for 8 and the A's offense just wasn't bad enough to lose. Jason Kendall even scored the first run of that big fifth inning, that's never a good sign. He gets about one hit a week. The offense, realistically, shouldn't be this bad. They even get an additional bat with something the American League weirdos call the "designated hitter rule." But tomorrow, Bailey is on the hill against the mystifying effective Chad Gaudin. So, we should be able to chalk that up in the win column.

At least the team keeps piling up the individual accolades, with Dunn making it the third different Reds to win the player of the week. Donkey! He hit .500 [12-24] with 4 bombs and eight ribs. He's got that average up to [say what?] .270. The author's friends at the legitimate Reds blog, Redleg Nation, directed the author to an article by the nerds at Baseball Prospectus that claims Minnesota tops the list of potential suitor for Big Donkey. That's a good sign, maybe they have a future Juan Castro or Kyle Lohse down on the farm. Twins management just loves to punish Krivsky for his defection. If Boof Bonser finds himself in Cincinnati this summer, the author's going to have a meltdown. 2009 [the year Prospectus feels the Reds will be a competitive baseball team] is a long ways away. The author remains optimistic for this season, Narron is stockpiling genius as I type.

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