Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Phills Aren't Waiter Material, Put Them On Dishes with Juri and Chang, Reds Win 9-6

After being frustrated with the 79 mph fastball of old man Moyer [pictured to the right ] for six innings, the Reds offense came alive with an uncharacteristic late rally. Moyer, who still can't believe the cost of a cup of coffee these days [highway robbery], put a couple of runners in place before giving way to Geoff Geary upon whom the Reds unloaded. Gonzalez missed a grand slam by about the width of a taco but they didn't stop there. Valentin [who pinch hit for Daggum], B. Phil, and Griffey all drove in runs presenting the team with a 6-3 lead. Something happened between then, the author forgets, maybe some rain or a lead was blown with the help of about 6 passed balls, but regardless welcome to the 30 wins plateau team. People may laugh now, but when the team is the first to 100 wins we'll all seem pretty smart. At least smarter than your average person who just spent 10 minutes looking for a funny picture of an old man to make a pretty obvious joke [he's old, we get it]. Pretty smart indeed. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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