Sunday, June 10, 2007

Majewski You Can Go To Hell, 8-6

That was a difficult one last night, the offense seemed interested in winning the game but the bullpen melted down, then the absence of a big hit late proved to be the downfall. B-Lizle had himself a qulity start and the team got noted asswipe Jeremy Sowers out of the game before recording an out in the 5th, so both of those were positives. Griffey and Hambone found the seats and Hopper did a nice job getting on base. Really, you should be able to enter the 8th with a lead and win more games than you lose, but that's with traditional teams. That is something that Narron has always stressed, do something different. So, when the team comes flying back from 15 games under .500 to claim the division we'll forget all of Majewski's shittiness. Fortunately the Reds face Sabathia today he's been, well, pretty dominant all season, so he's bound to lose interest in that.

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