Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bullpen Disappoints Everyone, Angels 9-7

Today the author was very excited, slime out of bed and watch some, here on the west coast anyway, morning Cincinnati Reds baseball. Bailey was making his second start, in which he looked pretty sharp [especially before Majewski added those additional two runs to his total for the afteronoon] and the offense was due for something of note. And after the three-run sixth, the author was pretty satisfied. 5-3 lead, no sign of Majewski or Stanton. But then Bailey walked a couple of batters and in comes the parade of horribles, Majewski retires no one and throws in a bases loaded walk of Orlando Cabrera for good measure. Stanton follows and does a very good impression of Majewski but from the left side. By the time we got to the [surprisingly effective] two-inning Big Frucking Nasty appearance, there was a large deficit already in place. Too bad, because the team had the lead in all three games of the series, against a very good team. But tomorrow, the Rangers who are pretty, pretty bad. So, a three game sweep here at home, then hit the road for six straight wins against the A's and Mariners. A win today would have been nice, but they can take out there frustrations against Vincente Padilla tomorrow.

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The Last Unitard said...

I really wanted to hurt myself when I saw Majewski come into the game.

F you Bowden.
F you Krivsky.
F you Narron.

And is there a less clutch hitter in the world than the Big Donkey?

But since Krivsky is asking too much for him, he'll trade Grif instead, and he'll hit #600 somewhere else.

F you Reds.