Friday, June 1, 2007

Welcome Dewayne Wise

Welcome back Mr. Wise, the author remembers you moving through the Reds organization with great speed before being claimed by the Blue Jays in the Rule 5 draft. That will short circuit any career. So, unfortunately, looks as if your stay is short, while Freel and Farnie recover from their contusions. The author does appreciate your ability to field any of the three outfield positions and also your career .200 batting average. The author is less pleased with your decision to elect free agency over returning to the Reds this last offseason. Being a member of the Reds is not something you settle for simply because you have been unable to attach your barnacle-like adhesive to some other organization. It is a final destination. But that was last off-season, and the author agrees to overlook that as long as you remain a productive member of the team. The author has a short memory. So, nice to see you Dewayne. Get some hits and let me know when your luggage gets in. I have a pair of zubaz and an extra toothbrush in the interim.

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