Friday, June 8, 2007

Now That's a Nice Victory, 4-3 Reds

Other than a couple of your usual defenses lapses, Dunn losing interest in Martinez's should've been single in the first and then Hopper trying to impress Narron with the strength of his throwing arm, pretty nice all around game tonight. NoHo, you don't need to impress any of us. We like you fine and you have a lock on the fourth outfielder position, at least until Freel and Farnie shake out the fuzz out of their brains. And who knows, maybe they'll just send Encarnacion down again. He did go 0 for 3 today, the author bets we see Fidel at third tomorrow. The offense was good tonight, though it was Cliff Lee and that can be expected. The author liked how few hits they needed to provide the winning margin. It showed the Indians that they could have really blown the game open, but wanted to keep the fans interest. Not very often 38,000 show up. Narron's got a real flare for the dramatic. The three bombs were nice, especially Phillips', stupid Indians.

Homer was pretty impressive, especially because he didn't dominate. He located after going to a full count to every hitter, and more importantly, made good pitches when he needed to. That pitch number 114 nearly made the author cry and that's rare, because I'm so macho. The only thing that would have made his outing more impressive is if he would have worn one of those Arroyo hats they were giving out as a promotion. Maybe next time. Very nice win number one.

The author wonders how many viewers yelled 'No!' at the screen when Stanton made his appearance in the 6th and again with Majewski and a man on in the 8th. But Narron showed us his genius again. Majewski's got that ERA under 10.00, watch out NL Central. And Weathers continues the Rod Beck impression, including, as one of my more astute readers points out, in his physique. Pretty soon he's going to park his RV outside Great American, that way he can just get hammered in the parking lot and go to sleep. It just makes good sense. This post has probably gone on for long enough, nice win tonight Reds. You make a strong argument for the most popular fourteen game under .500 team in the majors. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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