Friday, June 29, 2007

Nice To See You Bronson, Reds Still Lose 4-2

While the 50 loss plateau doesn't have the same appeal as say, 50 wins or even 30 wins, the Reds are the very first team this year to get there. So, the author thinks congratulations are in order. Maybe instead of champagne they could spray each other with Steel Reserve ["The Triple Export Malt Liquor"]. Narron could wear some oversized sunglasses and maybe his hat sideways. That would be a night to remember.

Arroyo looked good tonight. Only the one run allowed over 7 inning before we were reminded why this team is so inferiorating. McBeth, Coutlangus, and Salmon gave the Cardinals just what they were looking for, a bunch of singles. And the offense wasn't able to rebound, used all that up in front of the Philadelphia crowd. But before that, Hambone's bomb was pretty sweet. Well, maybe tomorrow team. Karl Lohse is on the mound preaching the gospel of a small goatee. That's something to look forward to. See you tomorrow fans.

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